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  1. Lamport & Holt Line
    I've posted a couple of photos of RONSARD sailing from Avonmouth with part of her superstructure badly smashed in the Marine Casualties and Breaking section of the gallery -
  2. Texaco Rhode Island

    USA tanker TEXACO RHODE ISLAND, imo 6418754/ 184,3m/ 16.584gt/ 17,5kn; 09/1964 completed by Bethlehem Steel Inc., Sparrows Point, Maryland, for States Tankers Inc, Wilmington, Delaware; 1984 TEXACO RHODE ISLAND, Texaco Refining & Marketing Inc., Wilmington, Delaware; 1990 STAR RHODE ISLAND...

    LAMPORT & HOLT LINE LTD. BUILT 1957 GROSS 7,840 LENGTH 473 ft BREADTH 62 ft Speed 15 knots Arriving at Barry late 70s ?
1-3 of 3 Results