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  1. Primrose.

    IMO.7357567.Call Sign.P3BXS.Grt.12046.Loa.118.40m.Built.1975.Flag.Cyprus.HP 18000.ME.Semt-Pielstick.Reg Owner/Dianthus Maritime Co Ltd.Cyprus.Owner/Denval Marine Consultants Ltd.UK.Operator/Transeuropa Shpg Lines.Manager/HR Shipping Services Ltd.UK.Ex PRINCESSE MARIE CHRISTTINE.
  2. Alesksa Dundic

    Now Salerno Express.ex Livorno Bridge.Built 1982.Flag.malta.Loa.139ft.Grt.8,428. ME B&W 6100 HP.Operator/Manager/Owner/Valiant Shipping. greece.Reg Owner/Adriatic Orient Shipping ltd.Malta.
  3. Aetos

    Built 1972.Flag.greece.
  4. Baltimore 1950,s

    back in the day
1-4 of 4 Results