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  1. Ashore in Rostock

    Two eng cadets in Rostock East Germany from TEKOA, before the Berlin wall came down. We were later detained and searched.
  2. Rostock

    Busy Rostock - 3 cruise ships and 2 ferries.
  3. s.s. ROSTOCK

    Built 1901 for Deutsche-Australische Dampfschiffs Gesellschaft, Hamburg. 1918 seized by British in Port Said and renamed Huntsmoor.
  4. Rostock, DDR

  5. Neptun Shipyard

    Neptun Shipyard
  6. Motor ship MERKURIUS

    The cargo ship MERKURIUS photographed in the port of Rostock in the late 1950's. The Merkurius (2471 GRT / 1452 NET / 3520 tdw) was a former French vessel and World War II veteran, having participated in many naval operations, successfully avoiding any damage. Merkurius was launched on 26...
  7. Cargo vessel

    An unidentified discharged motor vessel anchoring off the roadstead of the major East German port of Rostock.
  8. Aktivist, Rostock

    Summer 1968, Vessel from GDR i Tórshavn. Palli Djurhuus in the foreground
  9. Rostock

    The cityharbour of Rostock during the "Hanse Sail" 2006

    The 1967 Warnemunde built XD type ROSTOCK of East Germany's Deutsche Seereederei VEB was photographed approaching the Kiel Canal on 6th November 1974 bound for the Far East. Later: 1990 PAULINE METZ - 1994 BERYTUS - 1995 METZ BEIRUT - 2000 AQABA EXPRESS beached Alang 3rd August 2000 to be...
  11. Junge Welt, ROS 316

    The factoryship 'Junge Welt' (built 1967) has taken a cod end aboard from one of the supply trawlers (Zubringertrawler)
  12. Görlitz

    Görlitz (Type III) later r/n Störtebecker.
  13. Störtebeker

    This was a converted sidewinder trawler of Type III or Brandenburg, used as school- and researchship (FAS, Forschungs- und Ausbildungsschiff). Caption says on its way to Leningrad (from Rostock). RG
  14. Rostock

    Scandlines Ferry Rostock laid up at Puttgarten Owner : Scandlines Homeport : Rostock
  15. Iron Baron (1972)

    Neptun type general cargo vessel IRON BARON. Yard #385 launched Oct 1972 by VEB Schiffswerft Neptun, Rostock (East Germany) for Reederei Barthold Richters, Hamburg. Chartered by BHP before delivery and registered Newcastle (U.K.) to Richters subsidiary Baron Shipping Co. Ltd, Bermuda. March 1980...
  16. Rostock

    Warnow Yard, Rostock, East Germany. The Russian at left has a pyramidical structure above the bridge, upon which a man is standing. The liner at right, should anyone want to make a guess, has a double name of 6 - 7 letters each. Picture taken 59 or earlier
  17. Rostock

    Old Harbour, Rostock, before 1959, with a steam locomotive and various cranes. The sign I believe says: Warning!, the crane sticks further out than the wharf (?). There's one or two men standing on the front of the locomotive. I wonder if one of them has a bell. (Used to be a bell in use when...
  18. Rostock

    Rostock DDR, 1950'ies. The ship is named Wemaxa, hails from Odessa, and looks to be of some size until you consider the men standing behind her. How small is she really?
1-18 of 18 Results