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  1. Steam Ship Boer (J. J. Hay and Sons Limited, Kirkintilloch)-1962

    General Cargo, Coastal Steam Ship Boer, launched, 1941, to yard number 59, by J. J. Hay and Sons Limited, Kirkintilloch, Forth and Clyde Canal, and completed and delivered, same year, for their own use; Gross Registered Tonnage: 96; Dead Weight Tonnage: 140; 20.24 x 5.33 x 0.49 (draught forward)...
  2. PS Waverley at Rothesay

    The large cabin-cruiser or yacht was apparently the singer Simon LeBon's. A dull rainy day unfortunately. This pic could probably fit in at least three categories, but as part of the same doon the watter trip as my previous two posts it seems logical to keep it in the same category.
  3. Rothesay

  4. RHYL

    Photographed at Chatham on 28 May 1978 on one of the weekend Navy Days they used to hold.
  5. ARGYLE arriving at Rothesay

    We sailed to and from Bute on the 'Argyle', and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The ship was spotlessly clean, and was purring along like a happy sea-kitten (I say 'kitten' as I cannot say 'cat', in case Brandane sea-dogs become restive re. ship types).
  6. BUTE leaving Rothesay

    This and other Bute/Rothesay photographs were taken during a fine spell of weather in early September 2009.

    JULY 08

  9. HMS Rothesay

    Closing to fuel from RFA Grey Rover. June 1984
  10. HMS Rothesay

    Rothesay topping up from RFA Wave Ruler, North Atlantic 1963.
1-11 of 11 Results