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  1. Tillerman's Poop!

    Reckon this was taken around 1984 en route to Ipswich. The guy on the left playing the air guitar is 3rd Eng Paul Burrell, in the 'white' boiler-suit is the 2nd Eng (name?) and I am standing wearing the 'AZAB 83' t-shirt. Looks like we are sampling a drop of my homebrew!! Picture was...
  2. Helmsman

    Helmsman outward bound in ballast from Leith to Immingham, taken from British Explorer anchored in the Forth estuary. May 1980
  3. Tillerman

    After part discharge at Falmouth, the Tillerman en route to Medina Wharf, Cowes .. to complete discharge. June 1981
  4. Rudderman

    Corrected: Rudderman en route to possibly Poole. June 1981
  5. Tillerman

    The Tillerman alongside Yelland Oil Jetty in North Devon, May 1982,discharging on the rising tide.
  6. Tillerman

    Approaching Loch Kishorn, off Loch Karron, whilst on charter to BP. The Kishorn Yard was a fabrication yard for oil platforms at Loch Kishorn and we delivered marked Gas Oil to them for machinery use. Skipper=Rusty Buchan, Mate=Kenny Plummer
  7. Tillerman

    River Barrow transit on the way to discharge at New Ross for Texaco Ireland .. plus a pint of Guinness in Mick Malones bar! Skipper=John Marsden
  8. Rudderman

    Discharging alongside in Cardiff, alongside the outside wall - 1980. Skipper=George Thompson, Mate= Trevor Hill
  9. Tillerman

    Approaching Milford Haven
  10. Tillerman

    The Tillerman discharging at the BP jetty,Yelland jetty in North Devon, next to the power station. This is now a housing estate though the jetty remains in parts! Skipper=Alan Everett, Mate=Colin Farmer
1-10 of 10 Results