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  1. Andes Bosun

    The Andes Bosun in 1965 - 1966 Nice bloke as I recall.
  2. Andes

    The Crowd Christmas Day 1965
  3. Andes

    Andes Aug 65 - Mar 66 Barry Me and John
  4. Andes

    A chance for a swim. Location now forgotton. I'm in the towel. Anyone else in the Pictures?
  5. Almanzora

    Almanzora Built: 1915 Harland and Wolff, Belfast Tonnage: 16,034grt Owners: Royal Mail Lines 1915: Completed as Armed Merchant Cruiser 1919: Released from naval service, refitted as passenger ship by Harland and Wolff, 15,551grt. 1920: Maiden voyage Southampton-La Plata 1939: Troop...
  6. Andes

    Royal Mail Lines' Andes. Pic is dated 1941 but surprisingly not in wartime colours. Anyone recognise the location?
  7. Highlanders

    Pre WWII postcard of Royal Mail Line "Highland" ships by Kenneth Shoesmith.

    Registered: 1929 Tonnage: 14,130 Length: 545ft Beam: 69.5 ft Machinery: 2 x B & W oil engines powering twin screws Speed: 15 knots Passengers: 150 First class 70 Intermediate class 500 Third class

    Built in Glasgow 1955 by Harland and Wolff at Govan for Royal Mail Line,one of several built for them. This was taken in Greenock/s James Watt Dock in 1971 after discharging a sugar cargo.
1-12 of 12 Results