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    LOCH RANZA IMO 1944 completed by Wm. Hamilton & Co. Ltd., Port Glasgow 7.045GRT, 9.850tdw, T3Cy. 2.503ihp Harland & Wolff, Glasgow, 10kn 1944 EMPIRE SWORDSMAN 1948 GRANROCK 1950 BENLOYAL 1951 LOCH RANZA 1960 leban. TERTRIC 1968 broken up Kaohsiung
  2. DRINA model at Kirklees

    Drina model at Kirklees MBC open day 2015, sails on its home seas regularly at Bridlington Model Boat Society Lake Carnaby.
  3. Crew on deck of Orotava, ice clinging to her

    It seems to be a bit cold out there... what a difference from the days when she plied the sunny and warm waters of Australia ;) No location is provided but I assume it must be in New York. Since the note provided is "No known restrictions on publication" I assume the photo is now in the...
  4. Aragon

    Royal Mail's Aragon. Looks like she is working cargo in one of London's Royals.
1-4 of 4 Results