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    Princess Cruise Line's ROYAL PRINCESS in Yakutat Bay heading for the Hubbard Glacier, Alaska, 2 Jun 2019.
  2. Royal Princess

    Princess Cruises Arriving at Southampton on her delivery voyage from Finland in November 1984
  3. Royal Princess

    Royal Princess - Belfast

    ROYAL PRINCESS at Helsinki, Finland
  5. Royal Princess

    Royal Princess, on Ocean Terminal, on visit to Southampton, whilst on way to America.

    Boarding the one year-old ROYAL PRINCESS at Acapulco on 8 April 1986, bound for San Juan. The ship's layout - passenger accommodations above and public rooms below - initially confused me, and during our first few days onboard I repeatedly found myself going up stairways when I should have...
  7. Royal Princess

    Do these decks make my A$$ look big.
  8. Royal Princess

    During the turn the ship comes within a few feet of the rocks near the bow
  9. Royal Princess

    The cruise ship Royal Princess swinging 90 degrees to port in order to reverse into the Bridgetown port

    The time was 08.45hrs CET, or 07.45hrs BST, or 06.45hrs GMT or UTC even. Whatever the time was is was damn early, p*****g down, blowing a gale and the ship was arriving at Rotterdam. Where were the passengers? Were they watching a stand in for Letterman on that intrusive TV screen on the 'Sun...
  11. Royal Princess

    The Royal Princess arriving in Vancouver for the first time on a wet rainy day. May 1986
  12. Royal Princess

    At the new Ocean Terminal in Southampton on 13th June 2013
  13. Royal Princess

    Funnel structure
  14. Royal Princess

    Top of the ship!
  15. Royal Princess

    Royal Princess alongside the Ocean Terminal in Southampton
  16. Royal Princess

    Royal Princess off Cowes Isle of Wight. Better weather than when she came in.
  17. Royal Princess

    Royal Princess turning off Cowes, Isle of Wight.
  18. Royal Princess

    The newly arrived Royal Princess dominates the Ocean Terminal in Southampton.
  19. Royal Princess

    Image taken 10 AM this morning (7th June 2013) off Calshot Spit as she arrived at Southampton for the first time. Sadly the weather was very poor with heavy rain and a very overcast sky. Let's hope the weather is better next week for her first short cruise.
1-20 of 35 Results