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royal sovereign

  1. Royal Sovereign

    Royal Sovereign

    General Steam Navigation Co. The forward dining saloon
  2. Royal Sovereign

    Royal Sovereign

    The Royal Sovereign (1851 grt/826 nrt) seen here anchoring off the Tower of London on River Thames. Launched on May 7th, 1948 by William Denny & Bros., Dumbarton, hull-number 1413. Used as an excursion boat from River Thames to the continent, May-September. 1967 sold to Townsend Car Ferries Ltd
  3. Royal Sovereign

    Royal Sovereign

    One of several postcards sent by GSN in the 1960's. Royal Sovereign Built: 1948 Tonnage: 1,851grt Owners: General Steam Navigation Dimensions: Length-285 feet, beam-48 feet Propulsion: 4,500B.H.P.=20.5 knots Capacity: 1,783 passengers Autocarrier(1967-74), Ischia(1974-2007), Broken up Aliaga, 2007.
  4. Royal Sovereign

    Royal Sovereign

    General Steam Navigation Co; Royal Sovereign ID number 5301409. Launched 7th May 1948. Completed July 1948. Built by W Denny, Dumbarton for General S.N.Co Ltd, London at yard number 1413. 1851 gross tons. Twin screw. Speed 20 knots. Capacity 1,783 Passengers
  5. Royal Sovereign in Greece

    Royal Sovereign in Greece

    The Royal Sovereign in Italy. She belongs to Traghetti Pozzuolis and is named Ischia. I am not sure where the photo came from as it was posted on the Old Worcesters site and is in my collection of Worcester do***ents she being of significant interest to Worcesters. Looks pretty smart I wonder what
  6. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    The Queen Elizabeth photographed from the Royal Sovereign in 1935. She was launched 1913, sunk in Alexandria harbour 41, raised and repaired. Scrapped 48. The Royal Sovereign were launched 1913 and scrapped 49.
  7. Royal Sovereign

    Royal Sovereign

    The British battle ship Royal Sovereign. Twin screws. Displacement, 14,260 tons. I.h.p. 13.312. Speed 18 knots. From Cassier's Magazine's Marine Number 1897. Since she is placed first among the warships portrayed in the publication, I suppose she was the object of some pride in Britain at the time.
  8. HMS Royal Sovereign

    HMS Royal Sovereign

    Fighting top of the Royal Sovereign