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  1. Royal Viking Sun

    Model of the vessel located on board her. Photographed on 11th August 1991
  2. Prinsendam

    Prinsendam at Ashdod, Israel. Photographed from on board Aegean Odyssey.
  3. Royal Viking Sun

    Royal Viking Cruise Line Alongside at Tilbury Landing Stage on 11th August 1991
  4. ROYAL VIKING SUN aft decks

    Though this photo is of a model of ROYAL VIKING SUN, I have uploaded it here for comparison with the previous photo illustrating the rebuilding of this ship's aft decks.

    This photos illustrates the external alterations made to the terraced aft decks of the former ROYAL VIKING SUN to accommodate extra balconied cabins.
  6. Royal Viking Sun

    Royal Viking Line's Royal Viking Sun departing from the Tilbury Landing Stage. I cannot remember the date when I took this photograph.
  7. Royal Viking Sun

    Royal Viking Line Meeting with maritime author and lecturer Alan Jordan (In dark jacket and red striped tie) on board on 11th August 1991
  8. Royal Viking Sun

    Alongside Tilbury Landing Stage on 11th August 1991
  9. Royal Viking Sun

    Photo entitled 'At Rest'
  10. royal viking sun

    royal viking sun,venice,sept.1990

    Thames 1980's
  12. Royal Viking Sun

    In Sydney for the first time . Feb 1990 . Now Balmoral of Fred. Olsen with two of her old fleetmates .
  13. Royal Viking Sun

    Now known as Prinsendam. Seen here berthed at Princes Wharf no 2 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She regularly made overnight stays
  14. Royal Viking Sun

    Now known as the: Prinsendam Seen here departing Princes Wharf no 2/3 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
  15. royal viking sun

    imo 8700280 bj 88
  16. royal viking sun

    Royal viking sun Dover98
1-20 of 20 Results