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    Explosion in the engine room of the British vessel RUDDERMAN: 5 crew members were injured and 4 of them brought into hospital at Leiden (The Netherlands) by helicopters (a.o. this Augusta Bell 204B). The 5th man was landed at Hook of Holland.
  2. Rudderman

    Rowbotham Tankers Built 1968 by Cochrane & Sons at Selby 1,592 tons
  3. Rudderman

    Christopher Rowbotham's sizeable fleet of small tankers were a familiar sight around the UK. Here the Rudderman is discharging at Purfleet in May 1973. Built Cochrane & Sons at Selby in 1968 she was 1,592 gr tons.
  4. Rudderman

    Corrected: Rudderman en route to possibly Poole. June 1981
  5. Rudderman

    Rowbotham coastal tanker at Shoreham, West Sussex in the 1970's
  6. Rudderman

    Discharging alongside in Cardiff, alongside the outside wall - 1980. Skipper=George Thompson, Mate= Trevor Hill
  7. Rudderman

    Lying in Belfast Lough, Sunday 15th Feb. No other information available at this time but I am sure someone is going to tell me where she is bound after Belfast. Tidy and clean ship.
  8. Rudderman

    Wheelhouse of the Rudderman 1968
  9. Rudderman

    The Rudderman delivering fuel at Holyhead this evening (30-05-06)

    RUDDERMAN - James Fisher Tankships Ltd - discharging today in Holyhead.
1-10 of 10 Results