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  1. OMSK

    Russian flag. Any idea where this photo was taken? I may have seen those mountains before.
  2. Unknown Russian at Southampton = Enisei

    My translation is Emmsey ?

    Last passenger liner built in the UK(ex.COPENHAGEN)
  4. russian

    Russian logger passing through Hvannasund earl 50's. Built at VEB Volkswerft, Stralsund, DDR 1950 - 58.
  5. Vasily Golovnin (was - Russian Icebreaker)

    Can anybody assist with English name and details?
  6. Almetjevsk

    Russian cargo vessel Almetjevsk seen on the River Thames at Gravesend circa 1978.
  7. Olga Ulyanova

    Russian cargo ship outbound at Gravesend on the River Thames. Note deck cargo. Any ideas about this?
  8. unknown Russian

    Russian cargo ship on the River Thames at Gravesend. Note the deck cargo of railway carriages.

    Russian Special Purpose vessel, proably in Naples, 1991
  10. Russian replica = Replica of corvette "Courier"

    All I know about this ship is she’s Russian, seen here at Banavie on the Caledonian Canal in 1990
  11. Baskuntjakskij, presume

    On saturday 13/12-2008 she was back in Nolsoyarfjørdur by Torshavn, Faeroes,for a while. Presumably Baskuntjakskij, russian fish carrier.
  12. Kapitan Butrimov K-2157

    Seen off Tórshavn yesterday, 03.12.2008. Is it possible for anyone to dechiffre the name or number. (-- Solution is found, 5.12.08)
  13. Baskunchakskiy and Aquamarine

    There are two. Nearest: one with red hull and white superstructure. Russ flag. But kind of ship? Between the red one and the pier: One with blue hull and yellowish superstructure, norwegian type stern trawler, but russ. flag. Torshavn today 3.12.2008
  14. Novovolynsk

    The Russian freighter Novovolynsk loading wool in the port of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, in 1973. Crew are shown painting the bow of the vessel.
  15. Borya Tsarikov

    The Russian freighter, Borya Tsarikov, loading wool on March 28 1973 in the port of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. 347 feet long, speed 14 knots, built 1971, registered Vladivostok (USSR), 3,608 tons.
  16. Parkomenko

    Parkomenko, a Russian freighter, is shown loading wool in the early 1970s in the port of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
  17. Soviet cruiser "Sverdlov" 1975

    In 1975 HMS Bacchante was called North to shadow the Soviet cruiser Sverdlov. This was a massively impressive looking ship, 4 triple turrets, very good looking
  18. SVIR

    Pic taken at Marin NW Spain on 30th October 2006. Registered in Murmansk and possibly a fish transporter? Decks littered with large fenders. Hull and deckhouses like patchwork quilts!
1-18 of 18 Results