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  1. SA Vaal

    Safmarine Built 1961 by John Brown & Co 32,697 gross tons IMO 5367623 Later: Festivale Island Breeze Big Red Boat III The Big Red Boat III
  2. SA Vaal

    Safmarine Departing Southampton on 2nd September 1977
  3. SA Vaal

    At Southampton on 10th September 1977
  4. SA Vaal

    Snapped at the bottom of the gangplank as about to go aboard with the ship ready to sail from Southampton
  5. SA Vaal

    Assembly Room looking aft
  6. SA Vaal

    The Assembly Room looking forward
  7. SA Vaal

    The Smoking Room forward on the Promenade Deck
  8. SA Vaal

    Sitting Room of one of the de luxe suites
  9. SA Vaal

    View into the Library
  10. SA Vaal

    Strolling on the Promenade Deck of the former Transvaal Castle
  11. SA Vaal

    Visitors on the Bridge
  12. SA Vaal

    Alongside in a South African port in May 1968
  13. SA Vaal

    SA Vaal Africa's first passenger liner in Cape Town docks. Reprinted courtesy Prota Colour Prints (PTY) Ltd Cape Town, South Africa.
  14. SA Vaal

    SA Vaal at Southampton taken by my Box Brownie. Former Transvaal Castle. David
  15. SA Vaal

    A fancy passenger cargo liner we had the privilige of "having a beer" onboard while we were bunkering in Capetown while outward bound on the Benlomond. Suez was closed at the time and we Benliners were taking the long haul around the Cape "Faster to the Far East" I think was the motto at the...
  16. SA VAAL

    SA VAAL at Southampton Western Docks_photo by my late father - probably about 1974. Had scanned and supposedly corrected the colours on this one plus others of Edinburgh Castle and SA ORANJE & AMERIKANIS. Back to the drawing boards. Try again.
  17. SA VAAL

    In my collection, photographer/source unknown. Has scanned a little grainy, due to texture of the print.
1-18 of 18 Results