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  1. General cargo ship = SACHEM

    I don't know if anyone would be able to fully identify this ship. The name which is not too clear even on a higher scan looks like SA_NEM. Interesting ship nevertheless.
  2. unknown = Sachem

    SACHEM 1972 18245 tgr Mobil 89-IONIAN CHALLENGER 91-IONIAN CHALLENGER 1 B/up Chiitagong 16-3-96 SAUCON 1969 15100 tgr Mobil B/as LAURELWOOD-J.I.Jacobs blt Doxford 75-SAUCON 83-SEAPRIDE 86-LEONIS 92-TUSCANIA 95-MONTE ROTONDO 99-ROTONDO B/up Alang 17-11-99 at Hong Kong/Singapore 1982 From a slide wi

1-3 of 3 Results