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    Norddeutscher Lloyd's SACHSEN of 1886. Let's compare this pic with this one: and guess which photo is the older one. Looking at the rig I feel that the photo from Sydney must have been taken a lot earlier...
  2. Funchal 17 August 2011

    Porto Santo Line ferry LOBO MARINHO outbound to Porto Santo island passing F216 FGS Schleswig- Holstein and F219 FGS Sachsen. Portos da Madeira tug Ponta do Pargo in foreground.
  3. FGS Lubeck and Sachsen

    F214, FGS Lubeck outboard of F219, FGS Sachsen at Portsmouth 24 January 2009.
  4. Sachsen

    The german trawler Sachsen,42m/254gt, built 1903 by Seebeck Werft, Geestemunde, for ??. She is seen in the both pics aground in the River Douro estuary in 12/1909 due having been broken her ropes and anchors, the crew saved on shore, she was adrift due river flood strong stream. Later she was...
1-4 of 4 Results