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  2. S.A. Vaal

    1 pm Friday, Southampton. S.A. Vaal departs on another voyage to South Africa.
  3. S A SHIPPER ( Safmarine)

    Ex.Clan Robertson Shown here whilst with Safmarine.I sailed as Lecky on her from May 1969 to july 1970 (14 straight months).The first and the happiest ship I ever sailed on.Get in touch if you have any memories.
  4. Saga Pearl II

    Saga Pearl II late afternoon sailing from Southampton
  5. S.A. Shipper - Safmarine

    Boatdeck party 1969. Crew band in background, a passenger; George(?)with pipe Chief Elect; Fred(?) 3rd Eng; Alastair Deck Cadet;John Chapman 2nd Eng.A great and happy ship with terrific shipmates, lots of fond memories, happy days!
  6. S.A. Shipper - Safmarine

    1969-party time on the boatdeck.L-R 2nd Eng John Chambers (sitting facing away), J/Eng Peta Gyndel (with pipe AKA "Torro"); J/Eng in orange shirt Vere Birkett;2nd Mate (sitting facing away);Eng Cadet;Eng Cadet(face just showing) J/Eng Ray Maas(AKA" Crazy horse").I was 2nd lecky t
  7. S.A. Shipper - Safmarine

    1969 My first ship.I was 2nd Electrician then promoted to Chief Electrician in 1970 (You were promoted quickly in safmarine!).I think we were leaving Genoa in this shot.I did 14 months straight before taking any leave.
  8. Durban Harbour

    Entrance to Durban Harbour and the arrival of Safmarine's 'S.A.Vaal'--similar to another pic on SN, but a tidier ship and more modern tug.
  9. Memnon

    Seen here in October 1974 in Safmarine colours, berthing on the WRONG side of Vittoria Dock. Ascanius with her bent foretop mast lies alongside the Blue Funnel wharf.
  10. SA v/d Stel

    Before the changing of hull colour to white and before lengthening
  11. SA Constantia

    One of 3 Japanese built sisters operated by Safmarine (Morgenster, Vergelegen and Constantia), seen approaching the Pilot Station in Durban, possibly late 1980's.
  12. SA Vaal

    Safmarine's SA Vaal ex Transvaal Castle
  13. South African Merchant

    First ship launched for Safmarine. Safmarine Collection.
  14. Constantia.

    Safmarines first ship, the Ex Newbern Victory. photo by Robert Pabst
1-15 of 15 Results