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  1. Saga Rose - varnished teak or not.

    When Sagafjord was under NAL/Cunard, all of the teak deck were varnished. Looked awful! Slippery as well. When Saga got her the set to work to remove. Took a lot of work, but it was worthwhile. On the afterdeck, the 'games deck' for shuffle etc, they kept that section varnished. A good...
  2. Saga Rose

    Saga Rose at anchor off Jamestown St. Helena during her 2004 World Cruise.
  3. Sagafjord

    Sagafjord alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage in a rain storm.
  4. Saga Rose

    At Dover, in livery far more attractive than the ill-thought-out look imposed upon the ship by Transocean.
  5. Gripsholm

    Formerly Sagafjord, alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage.
  6. Gripsholm

    Gripsholm in name but Sagafjord in reality. The brief period after Cunard had disposed of the ship when she sailed for Transocean and prior to becoming Saga Rose. A most unfortunate livery, which would not have suited any ship.
  7. Saga Rose

    At anchor, with tenders, off St Helena during her 2004 World Cruise.
  8. Saga Rose

    At anchor off Easter Island, during her 2001 World Cruise.
  9. Into the Sunset

    Classically shaped Saga Rose followed by CalMac,s Saturn sailing towards the end of their careers.
  10. Saga Rose

    Saga Rose at Papeete, Tahiti during a World Cruise on 14th February 2001.
  11. Saga Rose

    Ship was at 3 Darling Harbour.
  12. Saga Rose Suez Canal at Layby

    Saga Rose Suez Canal
  13. Saga Rose

    At Southampton on 15th August 2008
  14. Saga Rose

    Saga Rose alongside at the Northumbria Quay on the River Tyne, Newcastle still looking magnificent despite her years and still very identifiable as the former Sagafjord of Norwegian America Line

    SAGA ROSE entered the Brunsbüttel locks on 06/07/2007.
1-20 of 53 Results