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  1. Windjammer like a clipper rig.jpg

    Unknown sail vessel at anchor on somewhere in Brazil, photo buy my friend Edson Lucas.
  2. Smack ck9

    Sailing of the Essex coast 2016
  3. Smacks

    River Colne smack and barge race 2016.
  4. Gorch Fock

    We met this vessel on the East Coast of the USA somewhere in 1983
  5. Tanker with sail 1956

    This is briefly about an very odd story. A late friend of me was in 1956 Captain of a 140 meter 11840 Dwt tanker. Far away in Indonesia the shaft from one of the two 7cyl Gotaverken engines was broken. A very long wait lasted in Singapore for spare parts but it was unsucsessful. In cooperation...
  6. Kaskelot

    The 3-masted barque Kaskelot. Built in 1948, she is one of the largest wooden vessels still sailing. She has featured in several film and television productions.
  7. One and All collision with Tunis

    During the sail past at the Hobart wooden boat festival the restored yacht Tunis crossed the path of One and All and ran out of wind. Result was a collision where Tunis lost her mast. She managed to make it back to her moorings. I guess size does matter and you should always give way to it.
  8. Indonesian Perahus - building

    Handbuilt - craftsmanship in action in this little shipyard in SW Sulawesi
  9. Unusual cargo vessels - Indonesian perahus

    These beautiful vessels transport serious cargoes throughout the East Indies. Fascinating to come across such classic sailing vessels actively trading throughout those tropic seas.
  10. Pen and ink of 19 Century sail fishing vessel

    I inherited an 1888 (circa)edition of Sea Pictures by James Macaulay, published by the Religous Tract Society. This is one of the marvellous drawings contained within
  11. Alma Doepel, Melbourne 1989

    Leaving North Wharf for tourist run
  12. XLCR

    XLCR under sail in the Hastings River, Port Macquarie, Australia. One of four original photographs.
1-14 of 14 Results