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  1. HMS ROSE delivery voyage

    Taken when the HMS Rose was under tow by a Cape Island type fishing boat from the builder's yard in Lunenburg, Nova Scota, Canada to Newport, Rhode Isand, USA. Different paint to the possible ESSEX in the unknown page but someone may be able to compare them gun port to gunport, riging to riging...
  2. Olga at Knysna, South Africa

    I took this picture in 1986. This battered old vessel had arrived, I think from Scandinavia, and subsequently abandoned or written off. Her stern was cut off in its entirety and became a shop fitting in 'Feathers' Gallery in Knysna. If anyone knows anything about her, I would appreciate the...
  3. Eye of the Wind North Atlantic 2013

    Tall Ship 'Eye of the Wind' during her Atlantic crossing between Bermuda and the Azores, March 2013. The photo was taken from the sailing vessel "Wylde Swan". The 'Eye of the Wind' was built in 1911 and is still under sail! More info:
  4. Jolie Brise

    Jolie Brise 30 Nm out of Brest in +/- 2005

    SØRLANDET in Kiel canal om 17/06/2011.
  6. Earl of Pembroke

    3 -master anchored off Seaford, Sussex, this evening at 19.45. Anyone able to put a name to her please?
  7. Jean de Lune

    Leith Jan 2006
1-7 of 7 Results