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  1. Fort Rouge Radio Room 1982

    CP Ships Class 3 chemical tanker. You can see the Sailor auxiliary station fitted on the left. When telex was fitted the teleprinter went where the typewriter is, and the Marconic Spector went into the left rack. This was used with the Sailor equipment only as the Main tx sent the teleprinter...
  2. Sailor Radio Set RT144 and RT105

    Sailor VHF and RT105 MF reciever in wheelhouse of former trawler St. Andrew, Hull.
  3. Sailor RT144

    Fully working Sailor RT144 VHF
  4. Dannebrog

    Danish Royal Yacht Dannebrog at Tórshavn. Anyone know when?
  5. Sailor

    Anyone of you got one of those? First time I shipped out I was told at the (Norwegian) shipping office to absolutely avoid bringing a suitcase, as this was absolutely taboo onboard a ship. This was in January 65, and when onboard I was the only one without a suitcase. The Irish pennant (Sorry...
  6. Jimmy Moor

    AB Jimmy Moor , Shell tanker 69 Haminella

    British Sailor looks smart after drydocking at Singapore in 1970. She was already 17 years old by then! Sold out of BP in 1972. Broken up in 1980 in Taiwan so 27 years life - not bad.
1-7 of 9 Results