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  1. Eye of the Wind North Atlantic 2013

    Tall Ship 'Eye of the Wind' during her Atlantic crossing between Bermuda and the Azores, March 2013. The photo was taken from the sailing vessel "Wylde Swan". The 'Eye of the Wind' was built in 1911 and is still under sail! More info:
  2. Dar Pomorza

    To get up there it wasn't easy. Grot mast was 41 m high above main deck. No safety harness used that time, one hand for the ship, one for us.
  3. Sails

    Emergency repair of the sheet corner. This worked perfect. This only took them 30 minutes.
  4. Stad Amsterdam

    I was just lucky to be able to use the rib and to have these light conditions.
  5. Second loveliest curves

    Wind filled sails on the Herzogin Cecilie. Storms weren't popular on sailing ships, but with no wind, everything slapping aloft, and the skipper walking continually back and forth on the quarterdeck, that's when tempers were bound to flare. Here everything is as it should be, bound for the...
1-5 of 5 Results