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  1. Saint Aidan

    The crew of the Saint Aidan must have really enjoyed their visit to Dover in 1974 when it rained heavily for almost the entire visit. Built 1963 by Charles Connell at Scotstoun she was 980 gr tons.
  2. Saint Aidan

    Seen at Gateshead's Baltic Mills in 1969 J & A Gardner's fine looking coaster Saint Aidan was a product of Charles Connell's Scotstoun yard. Built in 1963 she was 980 gr tons.
  3. Saint Aidan

    Saint Aidan , J.and A. Gardner , Glasgow.

    J & A Gardner & Co of Glasgow Built by Scotts of Bowling 1920 and broken up in Dublin 1959 A regular to Derry with coal I don't remember the name in the forepart of the bridge.
  5. Saint Aidan

    Saint Aidan, on the Tyne c1978.
1-5 of 5 Results