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  1. TID Salisbury

    TID class tug Salisbury on the bow of HMS Sentinel at Douglas, Isle of Man, 1990. Salisbury built as TID 15 in 1943, motorised in 1964.
  2. Salisbury Ulster Forth

    Salisbury seen laid up on the Tamar next to Ulster shortly after decommissioning. Forth in the forefront.
  3. Salisbury

    TID tug Salisbury ex TID 15 ghosting across Douglas harbour on a misty morning in 1991. Built 1943 by Dunstans, re engined in 1964 by Hills of Bristol with a Ruston and Hornsby 6VCBXM 365bhp at 650rpm. Now derelict at Castletownbere, Eire.

    Photo: 6 Sept 1983 Laid up awaiting disposal at Plymouth
  5. Salisbury

    HMS Salisbury at Devonport August 1984.
  6. Tug Salisbury

    A laxey, Isle of Man tug in Belfast, 1984. Would the name be Salisbury ?
1-8 of 8 Results