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  1. Tugs
    A new (free) magazine was just published. TugeZIne deals with current developments as well as historic matter on tugs. towage, salvage and related matter. Content is about 50/50 current/historic. TugeZine and the accompanying TugeNewsletter are published (via free of charge but...
  2. Histories
    Hi I noted a 1908 report about SS Veronese having been refloated in an incident using pioneering pnuematic cutting equipment to patch her and get her back to Liverpool - see attachment from Yorkshire Telegraph and STar Jan 29 1908. I know that she was wrecked in 1913, and not the first from...
  3. Doggersbank


    Salvage mission
  4. Salvage tug Seefalke

    Salvage tug Seefalke

    Model built by Andrew Kelday, Orkney. Now in the possession of his nephew, who gave me permission to photograph it for SN (through glass unfortunately - hence reflections/distortions). The tug had been employed in the salvage of vessels of the German High Seas Fleet scuttled in Scapa Flow after the
  5. Pasha Bulker

    Pasha Bulker

    Bulk Coal Carrier, Nobbys' Beach Newcastle Aust 27 Jun 07.
  6. Pasha Bulker

    Pasha Bulker

    Bulk Coal Carrier still on Nobbys' Beach Newcastle Aust. 27 June 07 after grounding in heavy conditions 8 June.
  7. A salvage triumph

    A salvage triumph

    The cruiser Gladiator, supported by salvage tugs, is shown after her arrival in Portsmouth Dockyard. She was rammed and sunk by the American liner St. Paul in the Solent on April 25, 1908. For five months the cruiser lay on her side before salvage experts succeded in righting and refloating her.
  8. The salvage tug John Ross

    The salvage tug John Ross

    I was fortunate to see her in 1990 in East London harbour, unfortunately I was not able to get on board, but she is a very impressive ship.
  9. Solidarity between fishermans

    Solidarity between fishermans

    The salvage of Nuova Carolina Postcard January 25, 1906