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  1. San Antonio

    Here is the French ship the S/S San Antonio... Any details are welcome. Frank
  2. San Antonio

    Reestman, Here is a view from the stern of the French ship San Antonio. I think that she is the same ship as in your photo. Any details would be welcome. Frank
  3. San Antonio - Chile

    Taken in abt 1961 from "Hedda Dan" lying at the outer quay. One for Roscoes: is it "Santander" lying at the othe side?
  4. San Antonio

    I was Master on this vessel in 1971. On the Port Hedland to Japan run with salt. Wonderful times.
  5. First and last commands

    My first ship as Master (Jose Regidor) and my last ship before coming ashore.
  6. San Antonio

    The Ivaran container vessel also provided passenger accommodation on her service to South America

    Seen at Baltimora 4-2010
1-9 of 9 Results