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  1. Lefty O'Doul bridge, San Francisco

    Formerly known as the 3rd Street bridge. It crosses Mission Creek but this part of the creek as it enters Mission Bay is now called Mc Covey Cove. But, going back in time when the city was a real seaport, it was usually called "**** Creek" by working people. Early in the 20th century, it was a...
  2. Alcatraz Clipper

    All aboard for your ride to the Rock. You have to pay your taxes. Single or return fare required, Al ?
  3. San Francisco, Pier 39.

    No longer the hustle, bustle, noises, and smells from the winches, wagons and cargoes of a working port of days gone by, just more of the same from the tourists, street performers and seals of today !!
  4. Port of San Francisco Ferry Building

    The Ferry Building in the old Port of San Francisco, as seen from the bow of the Bay ferry arriving from Larkspur.
  5. Sonoma

    The Sonoma, a Bay ferry, on her last run of the day from Sausalito to San Francisco.
  6. Queen Elizabeth

    In a rare view, the Queen Elizabeth is seen from the air while docked in the Port of San Francisco on 16 March, 1942. I didn't know the ship had made a stop here at this time in the war, and I didn't know she was given a new coat of dark gray paint during her stay. I wonder too if she had been...
  7. M/V Vallejo

    The ferry Vallejo speeds past Southhampton Shoal on its route to San Francisco from the city of Vallejo. M/V Vallejo built 1990-1991 1991-2001 Jet Cat Express 2001- Vallejo passengers: 267 speed: 34 knots
  8. ferry San Francisco

    Golden Gate Ferries' San Francisco at the ferry dock at San Francisco's Ferry Building. M.V. San Francisco built: 1974-1977 passengers: 630 propulsion: 2 diesel engines, propellers speed: 20.5 knots length: 169 feet beam: 34 feet draft: 6 feet displacement: 265 long tons gross tonnage: 99
  9. Delta Deanna

    tug: Delta Deanna Operator: Baydelta Maritime Bollard pull: 188,000/70 ton Length: 105 ft. Breadth: 36 ft. Depth: 17ft. Built: 1999 HP: 4,400 Drive: Ulstein Kort Nozzle: Yes Gross: 158 Net: 25
  10. Golden Gate Bridge

    Two U.S. aircraft carriers passing under the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. To the left we have USS Lexington (CV-2), 36,000 ts, launched on Oct. 3rd, 1925 by Fore River Shipbuilding Co., Quincy and sunk on May 8th, 1942 by Japanese aircraft in the Battle of the Coral Sea. To the right...
  11. San Francisco

    San Francisco
  12. San Francisco

    San Francisco
  13. San Francisco

    San Francisco
  14. San Francisco

    San Francisco
  15. Two photos of San Francisco

    An old and rare postcard from my collection of Johnson Line´s M/S San Francisco, posted in Nov.14 1921. More photo and information here.
  16. San Francisco

    The lateen sails would indicate the Med, but this is indeed Frisco. The caption in Danish informs us that this place is particularly lively on Thursdays, as Catholics can't eat meat on Fridays (didn't know that!), so Friday is fish-day in the US.
  17. San Francisco

    USS Mobile Bay (CG 53) arrives in San Francisco for the Parade of Ships during San Francisco Fleet Week. This marks the 22nd year of Navy participation. The celebration is held at the Fisherman’s Wharf featuring 2,500 Sailors, Navy Blue Angels and U.S. Navy ships; USS Cleveland (LPD 7), USS...
  18. San Francisco

    Taken from a high speed ferry with the famous bridge in the background.
1-20 of 23 Results