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  1. San Giorgio

    Adriatica Line Built 1956 by Cantieri Riuniti del Adriatico, Trieste 4,250 gross tons, later increased to 5,067 gross tons 367 foot x 51 foot, speed @16 knots, machinery 7 cylinder Fiat diesel Accommodation for 294 passengers 1991 Royal Star - Starlines of Switzerland 1985 Ocean...
  2. San Giorgio

    Italian Pass/cargo liner SAN GIORGIO, imo 5309906/ 112m/ 4.755gt/ Twin screw/ 17kn/ 203 pax; 09/11/1956 completed by Cantieri Riuniti d’Adriatico, San Marco, for Adriatica Spa di Navigazione, Venice; 1976 CITY OF ANDROS, Andreas & George Kyatatas, Piraeus; 1977 converted to passenger cruise...

    Seen at Genoa under workiing 2002.Just arrived from Singapore for passing under Italian flag.

    Seen at Genoa 2000 after buying by Petrolmar and changing name from SOTEX EXCEL.IMO:9144184.
1-5 of 5 Results