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  1. Sanaga

    An old friend returns to Newcastle Quay in 1971 in the form of the Sanaga owned by E & N Konstatinidis. She was previously Stewart's Yewdale. Built 1949 she was 987 gr tons.
  2. Sanaga

    Seen here heading downstream from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia headed for sea after loading the first part of the first shipment of logs for export to Asia for Rotary Peel Veneer trials, she also loaded logs at Bell Bay and Burnie in Northern Tasmania. Shot taken by: Rex Cox, President of the WSS Ho
  3. Sanaga

    Sanaga southbound, transitting the Inner Route of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia sometime during 2002.
  4. Sanaga

  5. Sanaga

    Seen here berthed at Macquarie Wharf no 5 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia loading 60' round, solid containers with bark aroudn them!
  6. Sanaga

1-6 of 6 Results