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  1. FR 907

    Trawler FR 907 in Esbjerg after unloading sandeel a few years back
  2. E 225 "Rainbow"

    During sandeel fishing in southern North Sea in early summer 2001 "Rainbow" got into fire and sank afterwards. By floating crane the vessel was refloated, but it was later scrapped. Note how the sea have cooled the shellplating and remained the painting. Above waterline there was no cooling...
  3. E 23 "Skarreklit"

    In summer 1984 Esbjerg had still wooden vessels to see..this is a trawler built 1959..lengthened at some time. On the dirty freeboard the waterline is still visible from last arrival loaded with sandeel.. This vessel was among many others broken up in 1993.
  4. E 349 "Cattleya"

    "Cattleya" in the canal towards Esbjerg full loaded with sandeels on the16th June 1986. In background north point of island Fanø Pic taken from deck of "Winston Churchill" heading towards Torshavn.
1-4 of 4 Results