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  1. Saturn

    Under repair at Skagen, Denmark Built 1966 627 gross tons IMO 6604690 ex: Dorca Wilma Frank Douro Star

    SATURN entered the Brunsbüttel locks on 22/11/2010. 1966 Vooruitgang,Foxhol/213 gl CS:OUHO2 / current flag: L*B: 298 TDW: 772 MWM, 221 kW, 10,5 kn; WILMA FRANK-72, Kapt. Frank, Brake, D; Douro Star-79; Dorca-89; Saturn-, PR, Poul & Jens Norgaard Nielsen, Janus Andersen...

    Hi all, here you can see the little danish coaster SATURN in Kiel canal near Rendsburg-Nübbel. Originally the vessel was built for a german owner as the former WILMA FRANK. Every time I saw her, she was in top condition. Here you find some additional info about her: 1966...
  4. Saturn

    MV Saturn sailing from Brodick, Isle of Arran on 28 july 2008. Taken from MV Caledonian Isles.
  5. Saturn

  6. Saturn

  7. Thor VN 87

    Ex Saturn, built as a series of 5 or 6 in Boizenburg DDR in 1964. Seen in Tórshavn 28.03.2009
  8. Caledonian Macbrayne/s SATURN

    Completed by Ailsa at Troon in 1978, SATURN was the last of the trio of car and passenger ferries to operate on Caledonian Macbrayne/s Upper and Lower Firth of Clyde ferry services. She joined 1974 built JUNO and JUPITER which ran between Gourock and Dunoon, SATURN taking over the Wemyss Bay...
  9. Caledonian Macbrayne/s SATURN

    Her business end as she leaves Dunoon on yet another crossing to Gourock
1-10 of 10 Results