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  1. News and Views from the Shipping World
    Dear all, I'm finishing up a book on US-Saudi relations in the 1970s and have a question for anyone who visited Jeddah in those years. I've read many stories about the chaos at the Jeddah port around 1974-75. The Saudi economic boom meant that the demand for imports was so great that ships...

    Photo: 26 May 1996 :Portsmouth Dockyard One of three MCMV delivered to Saudia Arabia, based on the UK Sandown class and built by Vospers. She was Launched : 15/May/1991 and in service 8/Feb/1993 , but did not leave for Saudia Arabia until the 1/Dec/1996. A second batch of three vessels were...
  3. Jubail 1 & Jubail 2

    Fire Fighting Vessels for King Fahd Industrial Port in Jubail
1-3 of 3 Results