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    Is a Ice Breaker a merchant ship?
  2. Savannah

    Savannah at Pier 13 Port of Baltimore USA last week. In great condition--open to the public.

  4. Savannah - Nuclear Power and Merchant Shipping

    This 40 page booklet was part of a "Understanding the Atom" series. The U.S Atomic Energy Commission mailed this to me free of charge after I learned about it is school somewhere. I wrote them and said I wanted a copy for a high school paper or some other similar lie. It was printed in...
  5. NS Savannah

    The first nuclear powered merchant ship Savannah is seen passing Alcatraz Prison during a departure from San Francisco on 13 January, 1963.

    Interesting photo of her possibly when fitting out.
  7. Savannah

    Publicity photo depicting the ship's dining saloon
  8. Savannah

    NS Savannah, the first nuclear-powered cargo vessel in the world

    Seen at Baltimora 4-2010

    Seen at Baltimora 3-2010

    Seen at Baltimora 4-2010
  12. Savannah

    Savannah waterfront mid-1960's. Believe the vessel in the foreground was named Cruz del Mar.
  13. SAVANNAH 1819

    tons 350 note : Time atlantic crossing New York/Liverpool 24 days. (Any comments or further information welcome).
  14. USS Savannah

    Closing to top up RFA Plumleaf. Indian Ocean. Feb 1983
  15. NSS Savannah 65

    Passing NSS Savannah on the north Atlantic in 1965. Pic taken from Cunard's Alaunia or Andania, I don't remember which. Apologies for the inconsiderate stanchion which got in the way of a hastily grabbed shot.
1-15 of 15 Results