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    During the summer of 1985, Cunard Lines berthed a number of their ships at Vittoria Dock, Birkenhead prior to selling them to Greece. On this day, Sat 10th August 1985, there were a total of 10 vessels moored in this compact dock... Cunard Lines Reefers: Carinthia, Samaria, Saxonia, Carmania...
  2. Saxonia

    A nice view of the Saxonia arriving at her dock in Montreal in 1955.
  3. Saxonia

    The new Saxonia is seen on her sea trials in August, 1954 in this official Cunard Line photo.
  4. Saxonia

    SAXONIA, Cunard Steam-Ship Co. Ltd.

    Nice trials photo of the first of the Cunard Quartet for the Canadian service built by John Brown. She was completed in 1954 and was renamed CARMANIA in the early 1960s and converted for cruising. She then had a 25 year career as the Russian LEONID SOBINOV before being scrapped at Alang in 1999.

    SS Fedor Shalyapin and Leonid Sobinov at Auckland 1974. FS ex Ivernia/Franconia LS ex Saxonia/Carmania
  7. Saxonia - Mauretania

    Saxonia, franked pm Oct. 31 1906 Mauretania, unused, Wirral coastline looks a bit bare, if it is Liverpool landing stage.
  8. Saxonia

    Saxonia in Huskisson Dock in 1964
  9. Saxonia

    return from falkland conflict 1982 ....2nd view, good comments on my previous picture from Stuart and flyer682
  10. Alternative uses of Sight Chits

    Another graphical record of a 3/O navigation indignity..
1-10 of 10 Results