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  1. G.C.N.S. (soon to be Rtd)

    G.C.N.S.(rtd) as pictured last Wednesday, 23rd July 2014 Of course, now named 'City of Glasgow College' - and note the very large - that is about 50% of it - 'Riverside Campus' replacement going up, due to be completed Summer 2015. With the other city centre building due in Summer 2016, for a total
  2. Dar Pomorza

    I have joined this ship in June 1976 for the first time. It was adventure. It's 33 years I am at sea already and still I think this is the best sea school for youngsters. First natural selection too. For detail refer to previous picture posted some time ago, please.
  3. naval school

    can any body put a place name to this? they dont seem to be a happy lot
1-3 of 3 Results