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  1. Schulschiff Deutschland

    An aerial photograph of the German sail training ship Schulschiff Deutschland. This photograph of Schulschiff Deutschland (1257 grt/1927) was taken in the early 1930's. For specific details on her history (the Schulschiff Deutschland is still existing today as a floating monument) please see...
  2. Training ship Schulschiff Deutschland

    The 3-masted full-rigged training ship Schulschiff Deutschland was employed for the German merchant navy and is maintained still today as a maritime monument at Bremen-Vegesack. The Schulschiff Deutschland (1257 grt/769 nrt) was launched on June 14th, 1927 by Joh. C. Tecklenborg, Geestemünde...
  3. Schulschiff Deutschland

    We have a couple of photos of her here already, but I like her, and here I think she looks damn good. Of 1257 grt she was launched in 1927 by Tecklenborg in Geestemunde for the German Schoolship Ass. And, seldom for a schoolship built as such, they gave her double togallants. And, all in all...
1-4 of 4 Results