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  1. Scorton

    m/v 'Scorton' of The Cambay Steamship Co Ltd (Chapman and Willan Ltd as managers). Built 1957 by Short Bros, Sunderland. Tweendecker of 6,150 grt, 3,378 nrt and 10,980 dwt as an open shelter decker (as built). 3 cyl 2 S.C.S.A. Doxford diesel by NEM Newcastle giving 12 knots (in fine weather...
  2. Scorton

    s/s 'Scorton' of the Carlton SS, R. Chapman as managers Built 1939 by Short Bros, Sunderland. Single decker of 4,795 grt, 8,120 dwt G. Clark 3 cyl triple expansion engine In 1941 at sea bombed by German aircraft, repaired. In 1955 sold to Norwegian Owners and ren 'Fro'. In 1965 sold to...

    In Beg 60s.Of Chapman & Willan Ltd.built 1957.
1-3 of 3 Results