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  1. Royal Navy
    Please may I ask - if someone was a serving Lieutenant in the Royal Navy in 1871, and living in Helensburgh, where would be his nearest RN base at that time. Faslane did not, I understand, exist that time.
  2. Nahlin

    Photographed off Tobermory, Isle of Mull on 27th April 2015 by my partner who was on a Round Britain cruise aboard Astor.
  3. Clydebank Dockyards etc 1938

    scan from original negative.
  4. Clydebank Dockyards etc 1938

    Note, these are scans from my vintage negatives in a folder marked Clydebank 1938. If some of these images are from other locations it is unintentional. I have been looking for somewhere to store these images so they will not be lost - this goes for all my shipping negatives, curiously I have...
  5. Clydebank Dockyards 1938

    scan from negative
  6. TSS Saturnia . 1910 poster Donaldson Lines

    This is a large poster 35x25 inches with frame; a print rehearsed with water colour. It is still in the original frame still held with the wooden boards and the square nails. The glass appears to have been changed See the description in My Flickr album. It is damaged from water dripping from...
  7. QE2 Launch

    The last great Cunard Liner to be built on Clyde is shown being launched on 20 September, 1967. Thanks to excellent maintenance, and a conversion to diesel propulsion in mid-life, the QE2 would enjoy the longest service record of any vessel, while operating under the Cunard House Flag.
  8. Cairnryan South Quay

    A view of Cairnryan South Quay (the old No 2 Military port)
  9. SS Explorer - Leith

    Volunteer restoration crew take a breather October 2012
  10. Oban by GWW

    A view of Oban taken from a glass slide originally produced by George Washington Wilson, a one time photographer to the Queen. He died in 1893, and many of his Scotland photos were available in the 1860 - 1870 period, so I guess there is a fair age to this one. It is exceedingly sharp and clear...
  11. Jack Abry II Aground Scotland

    Lorient registered Jack Abry II has run aground off Raffin on her way to Lochinver in Scotland. The 14 crew and skipper were taken off by two helicopters. MCA Photo via BBC Scotland
  12. Scotland

    Bought at antique and collectables shop Scotland Built: 1946 Caledon, Dundee Tonnage: 2,271grt Owners: Currie Line Ltd, Leith 1946: Launched as Shetland 1946: Completed as Scotland 1967: Eleftheria 1971: Dyros 1974: Alexandra K. 1976: Sank after fire, 18.9.1976.
  13. Scotland

    Currie Line
  14. Scottish days in Esbjerg III

    Next in the row....and this is not at the local this site the scissor is much more effective..! Seen at breaker Smedegaarden in Esbjerg october 2003.
  15. Scottish days in Esbjerg II

    A part of the scottish fishing fleet waiting for their final destainy.. Esbjerg october 2003
  16. Scottish days in Esbjerg - october 2003

    One could belive this was a pic from some scottish festival in Esbjerg....but stepping a bit backwards, the fun will stop, because this were the final destination for those vessel. One by one they were cut into company Smedegaarden in Esbjerg... Esbjerg was once the center in...
  17. Enchanter - decommissioned trawler

    Rescued for restoration. Now in St.Andrews Harbour, Fife.
1-19 of 19 Results