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  1. Scotstoun

    SCOTSTOUN 1968 16165 tgr Scotstoun Sg (Denholm) blt Mitsui/Osaka b/as RUBY 69-FORESTLAND 75-SCOTSTOUN 80-KATERINA 85-AGONISTIS b/u Alang 7-5-95.
  2. Scotstoun

    At Glasgow.
  3. Boys in a Boat

    "Lifeboat drill" in Baja California from Scotstoun. Big Jim Nichol at the helm.
  4. Scotstoun

    Denholm managed tanker 60's
  5. J McLeary

    Page from Autumn 1968 edition of Denholm News.

    Another to add to the Gallery of shots of her; this on her trials.
  7. Scotstoun

    Left to Right David Scott 4/E, Tony Young Elect, R/O "Nitty-Whiskers", Kenny Greenwood 4/E.
  8. Scotstoun

    This is the Scotstoun of 1950/60 vintage, indeed a tanker, built and owned by Chas Connell, managed by Denholms, a sister to the earlier Norscot. I worked by her in early 1960.
1-8 of 8 Results