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    Bluff NZ 10/7/1960 Photograph M Downes Built 1952 for Monarch SS-Raeburn and Verel;managers. She was there last conventional newbuilding and second to last ship built for them. She was the sixth and final Scottish Monarch in the fleet. 1968 sold and renamed Byzantine Monarch 1999...
  2. Scottish Monarch

    The Scottish Monarch discharging phosphates at Lyttelton. At the time she was on a regular run with phosphates south from Nauru or Ocean Island for New Zealand, then backloading logs for Japan. She would then ballast back to Nauru for another load of phosphate. Some years later I had some...
  3. Scottish Monarch

    Harrisons (Clyde) Ltd
  4. Scottish Monarch

    The 1959 built "Scottish Monarch" at Yokohama in 1966. Sold to Greek owners 1968 and renamed "Byzantine Monarch" she wasn't arrive at the breakers until 21 December 1999 although she had been laid up for many years.
1-4 of 4 Results