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  1. Rhapsody of the seas

    Taken today at the Sydney Cove Passenger Terminal with Tall Ship Soren Larsen in foreground. Photo was taken from the restaurant in the Park Hyatt hotel.
  2. Queen Elizabeth 2

    The QE2 dwarfing the SCPT with the Opera House in the background.
  3. Royal Princess

    Peninsular and Orient's Royal Princess berthed alongside Sydney Cove Passenger Terminal sometime in the late 1980's.
  4. View of SCPT from the Port Authority offices.

    The old MSB (Port Authority) building can be seen on the left.
  5. Sydney Cove Passenger Terminal

    Queen Elizabeth II at the passenger terminal in Sydney Cove.
  6. Circular Quay Sydney Harbour

    Looking west towards the passenger terminal, bridge and the old MSB building.
1-6 of 6 Results