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  1. Port of Ayr, Scrabster, 13 July 2012 with 3 tysties

    As a landlubber, I may have placed this vessel in the wrong category.
  2. St Ola (4) approaching pier, Scrabster

    Stromness (Orkney)-Scrabster (Caithness) ro-ro ferry St Ola arriving Scrabster, July 1995.
  3. St Ola (3)

    Ro-Ro ferry St Ola approaching Scrabster, Caithness, with Old Man of Hoy in distance and Common Gull breeding colony on top of Clett stack in foreground
  4. North Sea Giant

    err, it's big! Scrabster 21.07.2011
  5. St. Ola, Scrabster

    Arriving in from Orkney
  6. St. Ola, Scrabster

    The Orkney ferry St. Ola entering Scrabster harbour near Thurso with a following breeze and no bow thruster to make life easy.
  7. Hebridean Princess

    15th August 2009, new paint job for this year, last year she was black.
  8. Intrepid & Vengeance

    Intrepid ready to tow celtic sea to spain, vengeance brought in barge terra marique, both waiting on a better forecast before departing scrabster.
  9. Small tanker

    Small tanker entering Scrabster yesterday evening 10th march 2009
  10. Terra Marique

    Taken yesterday 10th march 2009 at scrabster, arrived in the am being towed by MTS Vegeance, sheltering until better forecast to carry on round to Longannet, Fife.
  11. Scrabster

    26th Jan 2009 9am ish thanks to Paul for taking out the floating 'tesco bag' lol
  12. Thurso Lifeboat slip at Scrabster 1999

    The Thurso Lifeboat House & slip at Scrabster before it was demolished to make way for new Harbour reclamation & access road to the Q E Ferry Pier
  13. Trawler Trailer - for Highlander

    Here ya go Jim, best i can do, sorry.
  14. Prime!!!!

    One of the Angling boats landed this fine looking specimen in Scrabster in the 90`s & as you can see Colin had fun with it before it was sold !!! :)
  15. Scrabster in a storm

    1994 heading into Scrabster on a wild day, man was I glad to get in that day!!!
  16. U P Esmeralda at Scrabster

    PSV UP Esmeralda Panama at Scrabster 22nd June bound for Sonat Rather I believe.
  17. Sheila Hamman

    Sheila Hamman anchored off Scrabster early 2002 awaiting Emsland to clear berth. cargo was steel piling for construction of new Ro/Ro Pier
  18. FD9 arriving Scrabster

    Faroese FD9 arriving at Scrabster May 2000 sorry I don't have the name
  19. Karen Jane

    approaching Scrabster March 2000
1-19 of 24 Results