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  1. Mauretania at Rosyth

    Mauretania has been moved into the scrappers drydock at Rosyth for demolition. Her masts were cut down to allow passage beneath the Forth Bridge.
  2. BF 32 "Crystal River"

    This is the former BF 32 at the shipyard in Skagen some years ago. That vessel was scrapped after only a few years fishing...
  3. Joseph H. Frantz

    - awaiting her fate at the breakers in Port Colborne,ON, 4-29-05, stern. Here she is seen awaiting her fate to the torches. The dismantled hull of Jean Parisien is seen at the bow.
  4. Crystal waters

    Built as the Gem by Thomson's shipyard Buckie,chainsawed a couple of year ago,who in their right mind would encourage some one to scrap a vessel like this with many years left in her life
1-4 of 4 Results