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sea diamond
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  1. sea diamond

    sea diamond in july 2006
  2. SEA DIAMOND - official company pc 2

    Dear Friends Enjoy the rare official Louis Company postcard from the " Mediterranean Titanic" as she was nicknamed by the media...
  3. SEA DIAMOND - official company pc 1

    Dear Friends Enjoy the rare official Louis Company postcard from the " Mediterranean Titanic" as she was nicknamed by the media...
  4. Sea Diamond 22 - The week before the accident.

    Sea Diamond was running to a weekly schedule, visiting Fira Old Port, Santorini, every Thursday. This shows the scene a week before the accident. On 5 April both buoys A & B were vacant as she approached close past the base of the cliffs by the impact point, (shown in my earlier photo Sea Diam
  5. Sea Diamond 21 - Oil containment attempts

    5 days after sinking, the challenge of catching the escaping oil with floating booms in deep water is very evident.
  6. Sea Diamond 20- Final position of wreck

    This is an old photo taken from beside the road up from Athinios Port, to the south of Fira Old Port. I believe the newsreel camera was situated near the bend in the road to the right of the picture. Based on the common feature of the distinctive light streak on the hillside the sinking postion is m
  7. Sea Diamond 19 - Final moments

    This widely distributed video clip shows her final moments but it is not possible to be certain of the actual sinking position from the clip itself. In the background of the sinking is a small boat haven by a distinctive light coloured streak on the hillside that can be matched with the same feature
  8. Sea Diamond 18 - En route southwards - 2

    This picture appears to show a very similar scene and from much the same camera position as the previous photo (Sea Diamond 17). However the timing is slightly puzzling. This is clearly near dusk and the tug and others are showing nav lights and it appears, by the light levels, to be taken at very
  9. Sea Diamond 17 - En route southwards

    This photograph, and no 18 following, is a bit of a mystery at present. After the disembarkation of passengers was completed the ship slipped from Dolphin G and I think this photo shows her facing the coast drifting southwards towards her final sinking position. The port embarkation ramp/door is now
  10. Sea Diamond 16 - Interim Summary

    This shows the position of the ship at the end of the previous sequence and the commencement of the main disembarkation when the vehicle ferry began embarking its first load of passengers. When the evacuation was complete she was towed south along the coast to Athinios Bay, where she sank early the
  11. Sea Diamond 15- Point B + 2 hours 13 minutes

    This is the last photo in the sequence from this camera as the ship that it was on left the scene at this point. Sea Diamond is clearly still settling as the starboard bow name has been immersed by half the height of the lettering in the 43 minutes since the previous photo. The disembarkation con
  12. Sea Diamond 14- Point B + 1 hour 37 minutes

    The stern of the tug is just visible to the left and it would appear that she was held in this position between the dolphin and the tug for the next two or three hours whilst the disembarkation over the port door/ramp continued. The passenger ferry is waiting to relieve the vehicle ferry when it is
  13. Sea Diamond 13- Point B + 1 hour 36 minutes

    High definition photo to show stern line to inshore dolphin. Rate of disembarkation to ferry appears very slow, probably not helped by the presence of the large refuse vehicle on the ferry car deck. Other photos have shown passengers being helped down an extempore shute made of mattresses on the fe
  14. Sea Diamond 12 - Point B + 1 hour 30 minutes

    The ship has now drifted clear og the Old Port and at about this time was secured by a long stern line to a dolphin close inshore and just visible over the gantry foremast arrangement of the white ferry. This appears to be the point at which the serious disembarkation began. Passengers are just sta
  15. Sea Diamond 11 - Point B + 1 hour 8 minutes

    The ship continues to drift sideways southwards along the coast The tow forard has been transferred to a local (massive!!!) tug and the ferry is moving aft to stand by the port door/ramp. Port side boats 2, 4 & 6 still wait faithfully by their falls
  16. Sea Diamond 10 - Point B + 1 hour

    First sign of tug (to the left of Blue Ferry) The stern is now clear of the corner of the cliff which is near the funnel, and starting to enter Fira Old Port. All boats in the water but remain under the falls. There is reduced activity by the pilot door but port-quarter door/ramp is now open and
  17. Sea Diamond 9 - Point B + 51 minutes

    Tow forrard now slack and Ferry repositioning broad on the port bow with tow still connected. No 2 boat being lowered to water, nos 4 & 6 still waiting under the falls. Activity by pilot door continues. Other lifeboats from vessels in the bay have joined the local flotilla.
  18. Sea Diamond 8 - Point B + 40 minutes

    There is a tow from forrard (to a ferry) but the Fira Old Port North Cliff is getting close as she drifts downwind. Boat 2 remains at the deck edge and boats 4 & 6 are in the water Ther are three passenger tenders alonside, with personnel being transferred to/from the after one from the pilot
  19. Sea Diamond 7- Point B + 22 minutes

    The Shore flotilla gathers, including the first two ferries capable of providing a light tow. Boats 2,4 & 6 still at deck level. Port pilot door open. Irrelevant foreground detail eliminated in view of early comments.
  20. Sea Diamond 6 - Point B + 10 minutes - First boat movement

    No sign of machinery exhaust or evidence or attempts to pass a tow
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