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sea diamond
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  1. Sea Diamond 5 - Point B - Start of evacuation sequence

    The ship lies stopped, and regardless of her previous intentions (see photo 3) it is clear that from this point onwards the intention was to close towards Fira Old Port, and possibly to anchor or moor there. The absolute time of this photo is not known accurately at present but the time of all subs
  2. Sea Diamond 4 - Point B relative to Fira northern approach

    The overlay is on an old tourist photo that shows a typical use of the Fira Old Port buoys C & D. On the day of the incident both these buoys were vacant. The following sequence of photos taken by tourists on other ships that came to assist starts with photo 5 with Sea Diamond stopped bows wes
  3. Sea Diamond 3 - State of Port before incident

    Sea Diamond was steaming towards the camera having passed Athinios earlier on a course roughly parallel to the vessel show, but obviously closer inshore. Buoys A & B were vacant. It is now clear she was intending to moor there for a port visit. The buoy she intended to use is not known but a ph
  4. Sea Diamond 2 - Site of Grounding

    This photo was taken by a passenger and marked "Just after hitting land" The time is not yet known. There is a short very blurry video in the same album at and toghetr they suggest that Sea Diamond was stopped in
  5. Sea Diamond 1- area of Grounding

    This is an old photo of Fira Old Port on Santorini showing typical mooring arrangements to the south of the port for ships visting. Buoys A & B were vacant at the time of the Sea Diamond incident on 5 April 2007.
21-25 of 25 Results