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    SEA ENERGY in Kiel canal in near Oldenbüttel in 2005. Don't know, if this is the right categorie for this one. Maybe she's a special purpose ship?! 1989 Orskovs,Fredrikshavn/172 - imo8902046 CS: OUHW2 / current flag: L*B= 91.80*21.60m GT 2762 TDW 276 TEU/ 25 trailers OCEAN ADY-04...
  2. Sea Energy

    Sea Energy - ex Belfast

    Ahoy Nev, Hope to catch you one of these days here in IJmuiden. Piccie was shot by Gerrit de Feber[also member] The Sea Energy
  4. Full of wind......

    On tour with the "Sea Energy " last year. A specialist Danish ship , which together with her sister the " Sea Power", was engaged in the installation of the Kentish Flats offshore wind farm. Lots of hot air involved...... as usual.. ;)
1-4 of 4 Results