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  1. LARCH.

    Seen here at the Port of Seaham unloading cargo of MDF board, owned by VW Nyki Shipping, Netherlands.

    Russian Sea River bulk cargo vessel leaving Sunderland with cargo of limestone built 1970-2,873grt.
  3. Argo.

    Russian sea/river vessel built in 1980-2,441grt by Oltenita,Rumania. as the Omskiy 107 arriving in the Port of Seaham in June 2004 with cargo of packaged timber.
  4. Cpt. L"Alexandre.

    This River Sea Vessel was built in 1999-2,042grt the hull by Severny SA-Turnu,Severin,Russia and completed by Schiffswerft Schloemer,Oldersun,Germany,specially built for loading steel coils upriver at the Sollac steel complex on the river Moselle,photo arriving at Sunderland with steel for the...

    Russian Low Draught Sea River vessel built at Krasnoye Sormova Shipyard of 4,110 grt in 1993 leaving the Tyne after discharge of timber cargo from Tallin.
1-5 of 5 Results