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  1. Seacat

    Off Buckland Beach, Auckland 24/01/2010 IDNo:45452 Year: 2004 Name: SEACAT Type: Ferry (RORO) Flag: NZL ________________________________________ Tons: 573 Length overall: 49.7 Beam: 16.5 Country of build: AUS Taken from company website: This luxury vessel was purpose-built...
  2. Stranraer Seacat Terminal Construction 5

    It Fits !!! May Bank Holiday weekend '92 (I think) saw the arrival of Seacat Scotland at the terminal for the first time. And the sun is still shining!
  3. Stranraer Seacat Terminal Construction 3

    Secured on the Dolphin - All civil works were by Nutall Construction
  4. Stranraer Seacat Terminal Construction 2

    Up! Up! and Away Glad to see it is now someone else's responsibility !
  5. Stranraer Seacat Terminal Construction

    Due to restrictions in working space on the quay the main scissor platform had to be assembled away from the dock edge and transported on the back of a low loader. Much biting of fingernails !!
  6. HSC Sea Express 1

    Sea Express 1 berthed in Douglas, March 2006
  7. Seacat Diamant

    The Seacat Diamant leaving Dover in the last weeks of its service. October 2005. Photo copyright karbine
1-7 of 7 Results