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    The Bremerhaven Museum Ship when she was in service.
  2. Salvage tug Seefalke

    Model built by Andrew Kelday, Orkney. Now in the possession of his nephew, who gave me permission to photograph it for SN (through glass unfortunately - hence reflections/distortions). The tug had been employed in the salvage of vessels of the German High Seas Fleet scuttled in Scapa Flow after...
  3. Seefalke21

    The final resting place of the Baltic Rescuer/ Seefalke. Port of Spain Trinidad. Picture by Harry Stott
  4. Seefalke

    Ocean going salvage tug built in 1924 by Tecklenborg, Geestemuende, since 1970 exhibited at Bremerhaven
1-5 of 5 Results