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    Hull registered tug SERVICEMAN after having lost the drilling rig HUBINSEL 4. The destination was IJmuiden.
  2. Serviceman

    United Towing (Ocean Tugs) Ltd.
  3. Dunlin Alpha under tow by United Towing and Wijsmuller

    From left to right are the following; Serviceman: United Towing Guardsman: United Towing Tempest: Wijsmuller Typhoon: Wijsmuller Winchman: United Towing Linesman: United Towing Rig carries an ANDOC (Anglo-Dutch Offshore Concrete) banner.
  4. Serviceman

    Serviceman taking new barges built by Fairmile Construction, Berwick, out of River Tweed in October 1957. Photographed by John N. Richardson whose father Captain Tom Richardson piloted the Serviceman.
1-4 of 4 Results