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  1. Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service
    As I understand it, SS Marie Moller was a British-built salvage tug registered and owned in Shanghai by the beginning of WW2. As a family member was in the RNR as Marie Moller's engineer, I am assuming that the British Navy must have leased or contracted appropriate local vessels to be support...
  2. Lidia and Clodomira

    4710 Lidia (IMO 9571624) & Clodomira (IMO 9571648), Huangpu River, Shanghai, China. 24042013
  3. Lidia and Clodomira

    4708 Lidia (IMO 9571624) & Clodomira (IMO 9571648), Huangpu River, Shanghai, China. 24042013
  4. Kota Benar

    A misty Huangpu River...
  5. Herfah

    Herfah anchored midstream off Shanghai...
  6. Yang Zi Jiang 4

    Misty morning on the Huangpu River, Shanghai
  7. Yu Shan

    Yu Shan anchored on the Huangpu River...
  8. Shanghai

    Shanghai at her namesake port...
  9. 908

    Tug 908 seen on the Huangpu River...
  10. Shanghai

    Hong Kong to Shanghai...happy days...
  11. Shanghai

    Shanghai at her namesake port of Shanghai.
  12. Shanghai

    MV Shanghai being worked on midstream in readiness for her early evening departure to her namesakes' city.
  13. Scharnhorst at Shanghai

    A view of the port of Shanghai, taken from the astern boat deck of the German passenger/cargo vessel Scharnhorst. It was taken in June 1935 during Scharnhorst's maiden voyage from Bremen to Yokohama.
  14. Shanghai

    shot of Shanghai from Asia To-day,Rickmyers ship unknown
  15. Shanghai 24, Kiangsu trader?

    Nice picture from when Djunks were trading under sail alone. Page 162 to 167 of Worchester's 'Junks and Sampans of the Yangtze', deals with a seagoing craft belonging to the Shanghai area named Sha-ch'uan or Kiangsu Trader, sometimes known as Pechili trader. From his sail plan, description, and...
  16. CSL ship Shanghai

    Passing Jinmao & Pearl Towers
  17. Video advertising boat, Shanghai.

    This boat cruises up and down the Huang pu river between the Bund and Pudong all day. It's large video screen reaching thousands of sightseers. What a wonderful modern age we live in ?
  18. Shanghai?

    The name of the port is not given, but it looks to me very much like pictures I've seen of Shanghai. Interesting the four sculling sweeps (or whatever you will call them) on the stern. I guess it is a good way to propell a large boat. Why didn't we ever try it here in Europe?
1-18 of 20 Results